Monday, July 30, 2012

12 days in love

My name is Maytha i'm a normal girl. I'm 16,normal hieght,brown long hair.

BBM Chat
kay:maytho tabeen inroo7 land mark today?
me: sure, wait bs2al omy

me: yma 3ady aroo7 m3a kaltham land mark ilyoom?
mom: enzain, bs abich fl bait 10:00.
me:ok inshallah

Kay is my best friend i can trust her with anything she's beautiful,16,black long hair and a bit taller then me.

me:omy galat i can go.
kay:ok, tbeeny a59'ich?

*30 mins later*

me:hi,yalla inroo7?
kay:yalla ok
me:b8olich aby tea time 3ady inmr 3aly?
kay:inzain bs ibsr3a aby aroo7 a59'ly bn6loon.
me: enzain enzain bal

We got to tea time and orederd some chai 7aleeb and then wa7d mar 3alina o i7na fl 9ayara.

the guy: halla walla
kay:int mn?
the guy:ana ismy salm

Then he put both his arms in the car and gave me a paper then he smiled at me and i smiled back.HE'S SO CUTEE.Kay got this weird suprised face cause she knows me and she knows what my face looks like when i like someone. THE PAPER HAD HIS PIN!!

kay: maytho 3a6ini the paper al7een itshgena!
me: laish ba3ad? yalla agol ana wa7da b6'efa
kay: ok 6'efy bs walla inty you'll regret it

I added him

me:elnoor noork
salm:inty wein btroo7en?
salm:ana ba3ad

i got so exited that i spelled my tea on my pants but i didn't care cause i was going to see salm.
when we got to landmark i put my jacket around my hips like a kid me and kay went to get new pants from bershka i wanted sweatmpants cause they would match my shirt so i got the pants.then i got a bbm message.

salm: eeh wein fe landmark,ana fi bershka.
me:ana ba3ad!!

I looked every where in bershka and he wasn't ther then i found him by the cashier i went up to him and said hi.

me:el7mdillah b5air
salm:inty yaya m3a min?
salm: ok yalla bye
me: bye

He was so freaking cute i loved his smile his hair his voice i love him!!! when it was 9:30 kay droped me home and then she went i ran in the house salimt 3ala omy and ran to my room changed then opened my laptop then i asked salm if he wanted to skype  and he said yes we skyped for about 4 hours and a half . now i know him as well as i know my self he is amazing sweet kind adorable and now that i know him i love him even more. i got some sleep then woke up around 12:30 i took a shower then told ay everything then she told that i should tell him how i i did

me:salm are you awake?
salm: yeah
me:can i tell you something?
salm:yeah but wait i have to tell you something first
me:ok sure
salm:but promise we stay friends?
me:yeah ofcorsue